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Dmax Live (Germany)

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Name Dmax DE
Category General Entertainment Sports Documentary German
Country Germany

dmaz germany logoDMAX live stream germany, a German-language free-to-air television station, is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. It was the first DMAX channel, and it started in 2006.

Reports, documentaries, and lifestyle magazines are all available. A full-licensed broadcaster must broadcast DMAX News Monday through Friday, at 11:10 p.m. & 12:10 am.

DMAX is the successor of the TV station XXP. It was taken over by Discovery Inc. at 98% in January 2006. The other two percent remained with former shareholders dctp, and Spiegel TV. XXP was merged with DMAX on September 1, 2006. Spiegel TV GmbH and Alexander Kluge, the DCTP development company for TV programmes, sold their shares of 1% each in 2007 to Discovery Content Verwaltungs GmbH. This allowed the American Discovery Channel to take over DMAX. DMAX stands for Discovery MAX, the original station.

An English-language version of DMAX is available on Sky Digital and Virgin Media pay TV packages in the UK, Ireland, and Ireland since January 2008. DMAX +1 and DMAX+1.5 were quickly created and broadcast the main program with a delay. MonA TV has been unable to receive the station since February 2010. The English-language channel, which is not available in German, is targeted at women.

DMAX broadcasts in a new design as of February 29, 2012. The trailers now feature a DMAX 3D logo at the beginning and the end. DMAX HD broadcasts on SES Astra's basic encrypted HD+ channel since May 1, 2012. However, native HD was not available until August 1, 2012. DMAX HD has broadcasts in Unitymedia's modernized networks since January 15, 2013.

DMAX Austria, a separate Austrian affiliate of the station, has been available since October 1, 2014. Since October 25, 2014, a separate advertising window has been shown on the channel. Goldbach Media Austria is the advertising marketer. The program is similar to the German one, but special programs for Austria are being planned.

A video from Dmax Germany's YouTube channel.