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M1 élő Live Stream (Hungary)

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Name M1
Category General News Entertainment
Country Hungary

m1 hungaryDuna Media has been operating M1 élő since 2015, a Hungarian TV channel. It can also be transmitted in high-definition. It is the most popular national channel in Hungary, with 97% of its transmission received.  M1 live was relaunched on 15 March 2015 as a 24-hour news channel. All variety programming has been transferred to Duna.

M1 Livestream

The European Federation of Journalists 2019 report stated that Hungarian news coverage is not balanced and that opposition politicians' views are almost absent from the reports. There is also a lack of transparency about the funding and work of MTVA. According to the report, "public service media" have become state media.

M1 online was given a revamp on 15 March 2020. The gaps in the circle were eliminated and a new graphic presentation was revealed. The screen bug on the on-screen display was moved from the upper left corner to the left-down corner.

M1 élő lastest Youtube video.