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Name AFN Music
Category General Music
Country Iran
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AFN Music is a tv and radio station in Iran, broadcasting Persian music. AFN has also produced TV shows, including 'Tin' and 'Tasvir e Iran', and features syndicated talk shows. This station has a large civilian audience in Europe, where the official radio stations rarely played American music. Even in Communist countries, state-run radios were never allowed to play American music. People in the Communist world viewed AFN as their only way of communicating with the West, as their local stations were jammed by the Soviets.

AFN music is broadcast on satellite and terrestrial radios. Currently, the radio stations in Iran are operated by different authorities. The majority of AFN transmitters are operated by the U.S. military, while others are owned by Deutsche Telekom and German public broadcasting companies. AFN Italy has been serving American bases in Italy since 1983, and many Italians listen to the station. The morning "Touch and Go" show is broadcast live from 5am until 9am.

The radio stations in Iran are also located in Iraq and Kuwait. In 2006, the FM band was again opened to broadcasting, and AFN-Iraq began broadcasting on it. Its name was changed to Freedom Radio, and the station is now heard from Basra to Mosul. Despite the restrictions and censorship, the AFN-Iraq radio station has a very loyal audience and is one of the best in the country.


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