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Shamshad TV Live (Afghanistan)

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Name Shamshad TV
Category News
Country Afghanistan
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The Shamshad Radio & Television Network is based in Afghanistan and Dubai. The network has broadcasted in both Pashto and Dari languages for over a decade. The broadcaster is one of the most popular Pashto television stations in Afghanistan. It is the only Afghan Pashto channel that is available around the clock. The main aim of the network is to promote the cultural heritage of the Afghan people and their language of choice.

The Afghan state-run network broadcasts programs in Pashto and English. The programming includes educational TV programs, news, music shows, family dramas, cooking shows, children's game shows, and women empowerment programs. The broadcast is provided via satellite. The stations are in Kunduz and the northern part of the country. The signals are also transmitted to Herat and Kandand, where Shamshad employees are currently being transferred to safe areas.

The Shamshad TV logo is a decorative representation of the network's name in Pashto. The two SS and the three dots at the top represent the words "Sheen" and "Shad" in Pashto. The SS stands for "Shah" in Pashto. The SS is also a reference to the television station's name in Dari. In Dari, the SS stands for "Shah."


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