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How to Store Perfumes

Eduardo Valadez from Diptyque recommends keeping their perfumes dry, cool, and out of the light. This simple method protects perfumes from heat, light, and humidity that damage them. Kristen Shirley, a writer, and editor from New York state that perfume lasts longer if it's stored in a dark and cool place. Alternatively, storing it on a sunny window sill or cabinet will decrease the longevity of the scent. Additionally, corking the bottle after every use will help minimize oxygen exposure to the fragrance. It's logical that bathroom scents die there. While many people care about their appearance for their day, they shower— causing high humidity and temperature changes. Consequently, their perfumes typically don't last long in the bathroom.

Perfume Deterioration from the release of a specific fragrance diminishes its overall quality. Even though perfume boxes are primarily designed to look good, they actually play an imperative function. They keep air away from the perfume, protect it from light and keep it at a constant temperature. Additionally, opening a perfume box starts the degradation process. Any changes to the fragrance will happen from the moment the lid is removed. This is because the initial scent experience from a sealed container is much more sheltered from oxygen than later inhalations. Consequently, proper storage is crucial before further use.

This post was written in 13 NOVEMBER 2022

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