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Better Call Saul Surprise: Hank Is Coming Back!

There's great news for Breaking Bad fans and thus Better Call Saul fans: Hank Schrader is returning to the screens on duty again! Fans have been waiting for this to happen for five seasons, and we see the DEA agent sailing to Better Call Saul.

Dean Norris is set to reprise his beloved Breaking Bad role and that will be happening in upcoming episodes. There aren't many details for Hank's return, but from what's been said, there's a bigger surprise waiting for us, because Hank's return is definitely not going to be a cameo. It looks like we'll be able to watch at least a few episodes of him.

On behalf of TVLine, showrunner Peter Gould made humorous remarks about Hank's return. "They're waiting for the right time to bring Hank back... obviously, for our own pleasure, I think Vince [Gilligan], Ben, Dean and Betsy [Brandt] and basically the entire Breaking Bad cast would have been back in from the first season, but we didn't have the chance. This season, the DEA will be part of the story, and of course, if you're going to make the DEA in Albuquerque, there are only two people you can go to. We were so nervous, and worried that Norris wouldn't say yes. Because Dean might have easily said, "Guys, I love Albuquerque, but there's a lot of other things going on. I think we had that character and it's over," but Dean almost interrupted us and said, “Guys, I love it, I'm in!" We're going to see a fresher Hank than we saw at the end of Breaking Bad. It'll be great to see Hank before he gets together with Walter White, before he had those problems.

Gomez, Hank's partner, will probably be back on the show. Hank and Gomez followed Walter White in the adventure of Breaking Bad and revealed his connections. Hank was also Walter's relative. Who knows? Maybe we'll see Jesse and Walter in a cameo.

This post was written in 28 OCTOBER 2020

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