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TF1 Séries Films Direct

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Name TF1 Séries Films
Category Movie Entertainment French
Country France
tf 1 series logoWatch TF1 Series Films Live Stream - TF1 Series Films En Direct

TF 1 Series films is France's first television and first private channel. It was established in 1935 and stands out among television channels with its channel name that has changed since then and its stylishly designed logo. Many French grew up watching this channel. A channel with things to watch for people of all ages. You should watch this channel to watch TV series, movies, cartoons, world cup matches, sports events, political developments, news, live broadcast programs, and more. It is broadcast from the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the city of lovers, and is affiliated with the Bouygues group. TF1 Series Films is the channel with the strongest local network with 24% market share.

What is the broadcast language of the channel? The broadcast language of the TF1 Series films channel is in French. 

In which countries does the channel broadcast? TF 1 series films channel is broadcasting in France, Belgium, and Switzerland, and you can easily access the channel on our website and watch it live anywhere, anytime.

 What is the image format of the channel? TF 1 Series films 1080i HDTV. (downgraded to 576i for SDTV feed)

Does TF1 Series Films have sister channels? Yes, there is. And it has multiple sister channels. What are the sister channels of the channel? Eurosport, LCI, TF6, TMC, TV Breizh channels are sisters to the tf 1 series films channel.


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